1. All you East Coasters are acting like enduring Sandy has earned you your manhood…


    I wrestled with a 90lb dog early Saturday morning who didn’t want his rabies and distemper immunizations… whilst enduring a monster of a Halloween hangover.

    And yesterday in the chill of an 8am Rocky Mountain morning I hiked up a mountain to feed and clean some outdoor enclosures housing wolves..

    And later that afternoon I had to hold a Swanson’s hawk and a Grey Horned owl that were on the receiving end of intramuscular injections…

    So YEAH who’s more BADASS NOW!  I’m all Hagriding it out with wolves and birds of prey while you all are huddling down in your basement crying cause you can’t watch TV or check updates on Tumblr.

    My body and liver have taken more of a beating than the entire East Coast this weekend so… I WIN!

    (yeah… I’m so not jealous and sad I’m not home right now… not at all)

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